Thursday, December 3, 2009


I guess my first blog should be about something from a special place. I will give a brief story about "ME" . I was born and raised most of my younger days in Jamaica. My father, Andrew Andy Chin - A notorious well known drug lord. My mother, Marie Victoria Holland - A well known Business lady of fashion. Two very busy people too busy to raise a child so I was with my grandparent's doing most of my growing and learning. America's been my home for my teen years. Moved around a lot and lived in different places and homes. I have worked like the normal man and did the necessary as a hustler to survive. I have sold. I have cooked. I have learned a lot in my years on this earth. One thing is for certain. Life is challenging. I've been to many places and experienced amazing people. I wont dwell. Get to know ME.

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