Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My Sister. Tiffany Chin. I really don't talk about her as much as I need to....I think. The thing is I lived my life very selfishly for some time now. I sit and wonder about how come she never had not even a chance to see the "AMAZING" simple things I see that brings a certain joy and beauty into ones life. I know she is in a way better place. I walk around angry and alone alot because I cant see how this is fair. This is why I seem to over love when I do. I express more than the norm. She lives through her brother and I live for her. I love all my family but I love you even more and not because you died but because you didn't live. I miss you dearly and just know I keep you in my thoughts as much as I can. Keep watching over me and keep my grounded and strong. I love you forever.

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  1. wow! u just gave me chills with this.. my sister Shakira (that my mom & dad had before me) was born May 26th, 1988 and died a few weeks before she turned 1.. I was born a year later. I never got to know her, and wonder what it would have been like to still have her here.. My mom doesn't talk about her a lot, but my dad told me about it once- how he found out she died, and her funeral.

    I wish she was still here.

    RIP Shakira Bennett & Tiffany Chin :)